Mike Conley is as important to the Grizzlies as Russell Westbrook is to the Thunder

You might think no team this postseason could rely as heavily on their star point guard as much as the Oklahoma City Thunder relied on Russell Westbrook, but think again. In Memphis, the exact same thing is happening when Mike Conley leaves the floor.

In 66 minutes when Conley hasn’t played against San Antonio, the Grizzlies have been outscored by 60 points. Whenever he leaves the floor, they hemorrhage points and completely fall apart. Here are the two players compared, for reference.

So where do the Nationals go now? For the time being, they’ve got Michael Taylor in center field, who isn’t nearly as fearsome as Eaton is with the bat or the glove. They could also shuffle their other players around a little bit: Harper could play some center and so could Trea Turner, who spent the 2016 season in that spot. But there won’t be a perfect replacement, of course, because what the Chicago Blackhawks Cheap Jerseys Nationals want is Eaton back. But they’re in a better place than most teams: Their core is solid enough to withstand this kind of loss. At least until they get their hands on a time machine. Then they’ll get Eaton back, and no one will remember any of this ever happened.

Cody Bellinger hit his first-ever major league home run last night and followed that up with his second one later in the game, so it’s a good time to read Grant Brisbee’s article on Bellinger’s potential.

Bellinger’s second home run was part of a three-homer comeback that tied the Dodgers and the Phillies in the ninth inning last night, and who doesn’t like watching three homers hit essentially together?