Carlos Correa is a defensive wizard and this catch proves it

For one thing, you probably haven’t heard of many (any?) of the players who will be selected in the televised portion of the draft on MLB Network. And positions really aren’t very important because the players drafted aren’t likely to reach the major leagues anytime soon. The MLB Draft is much more of a long play, more than the NFL or the NBA, where teams are looking for immediate upgrades to next year’s roster at specific positions.

The MLB Draft is almost exclusively a best-player-available situation, with allowances for organizational preferences (college vs. prep players or pitchers vs. position players, etc.). But this is the thing to remember: The MLB Draft is every bit as important to your favorite team’s long-term success as any of the other sports, and it’s even more important now that there’s a hard cap on international spending.

You’re a wizard, Carlos.

There’s not much of a doubt that Carlos Correa is one of the better defensive shortstops in the game — let alone best all-around shortstops — but this play is a different level of ridiculous.

Going back on a blooper as an infielder is difficult, but Correa proved, eh, maybe not so much.

The way he contorts his body to get to the ball is impressive. And the ground he covered to make the catch makes it even more so.

Correa has been making all sorts of plays this season, heading back to his amazing glove work in the 2017 World Baseball Classic, where he played games at third base as opposed to his traditional home at shortstop.

Third, short, doesn’t matter to Correa. He’s just here Cheap Barcelona Jerseys to make Best Place To Buy Cheap Jerseys plays. (And be a wizard).

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