Pat Bowlen’s daughter is disappointed by inaccurate comments

Thursday saw dueling statements released by Beth Bowlen-Wallace, the daughter of longtime Broncos owner Pat Bowlen, and the trustees appointed by her father to oversee the future of the team.

However it plays out, everyone will know more about whether Beckham is willing to take a stand once he gets clearance to practice. And that’s apparently coming very soon.

James once had more than 25,000 fans show up just to watch him give a speech. In August 2014, the city of Akron wanted to welcome James back home so it essentially threw a giant rally at the University of Akron’s football stadium, which was nearly at capacity, including thousands of seats on the field.

Judge probably doesn’t even let sentences run on him.

Get your popcorn ready for the newest edition of Madden, which will feature Terrell Owens on the cover. This is the Hall of Fame version of the popular EA Sports football video game  (a regular cover player will be announced in June) and it will have Owens, who was inducted into the most recent class of Canton, dressed up as a Cowboys receiver. That has plenty of people questioning it, even if he’s best remembered as a member of Dallas. He was drafted by the 49ers and spent the majority of his career with San Francisco from a most years on one team perspective.

Bird was slated to hit sixth and play first base.

The 25-year-old had missed all season following surgery to remove a bone spur from his right ankle.

Regardless, there was no unanimity. There was no vote. And this becomes further proof that, in its quest to make things better when it comes to the national anthem, the NFL actually made things worse.

You can see the signs even in May. Adams, the first-round draft pick from 2017, raised the competitive energy at practice, telling the defensive backs to be a soldier out there and acted like a completion in seven-on-seven was third-and-5 in the Super Bowl.

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